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Sector 4 is a top-down Dinosaur shooter, where you play as Roy a Mercenary sent to a secret island by the American Government.

Fight your way across the island while being attacked by Deadly Dinosaurs or kill herds of Dinosaurs in the Arcade section and rack up kills!

Key Features:

  • -Intelligent Dinosaurs
  • -2 game modes
  • -Multiple Levels
  • -Secret rooms
  • -Dynamic Sounds

Released on: 24/06/2014

Platform: PC

Price: FREE!!!


E-mail: barkjon77@googlemail.com


My name is Jonathan Barkhuizen and I am studying Bachelors of Creative Technologies (Game Art) at Media Design School. Sector 4 is my first ever game that I have made. My plan for this game is to work on it more and fix a few things as well as have a multiplayer section (note not Online).

Install instructions

Just download the exe and run it.


Sector 4.exe 41 MB